serviciosThrough my language academy I offer English and Spanish Online Lessons and Online Courses that you can follow anywhere, anytime , as well as timely and reliable translations as needed.

What I offer is straightforward:

  • Online lessons: You want to study English or Spanish with a teacher, but you are very busy? You can take online lessons with me: Teacher Lau, either private or group classes, at your own pace and based on your interests. Finish work, go home, get comfortable, prepare a matecito* or coffee and go online.


  • Specialized courses: Would you like to read another interesting proposition? I am setting up online courses in which you will get grammar and vocabulary based on topics such as tourism, travelling, business, finance, medicine, flight attendance, etc. These are courses you can follow at your own pace, comfortably from wherever you like: in slippers at home, at lunchtime at the office, in your favorite coffee shop… All you need is to go online and you are ready to go with all the provided material. And if you have any doubts, write them down and book a consultation lesson (although I’m pretty sure you will not need them).


  • Translations: You need a translation from English to Spanish or vice versa? Ask for a quote, send me a sample of the text, explain your needs and get the translation back without leaving home. Simple, easy, fast. I have vast experience in topics such as medicine, psychology, current affairs, economics, engineering, nautical, tourism, road safety, children’s material, education, marketing, telecommunications, games among other topics. Because of that, Language Big Bang’s customers have been able to reach out to a larger number of customers and have a better understanding of the original text.


*mate is a typical Argentinian beverage similar to tea.